Ish Got Reaallll

Oh, yes it did... What in thee H-E-L-L!!!  Homeschooling/Distancing Learning turnt our lives upside down and inside out. Max, my 7 year old son became "Dennis the Menace" in real life. At the beginning, he was on board. Let's play school; ok I like this Mommy. Yes, you be the teacher and I'm the student. Lunch Time, Recess and ALL the bells and whistles. Soon after; he realized this is not what I signed up for. Ma'am, When are we going back to school and why am I doing so much work and not playing all day?

We went through so many emotional phases in a few months anger, frustration, tantrums, sadness, excitement, anxiousness, and defiance,  I almost couldn't keep up and started to question myself. Did I do something wrong? I thought having a schedule would work. Nope! FAILED. I thought it provided a sense of relief for both his Dad and I as we were still working from home and being FULL time 1st grade teachers. Boy, was I wrong! By the end of the school year; we all needed therapy and knew what we hated most about homeschooling. A few takeaways from this experience is to not be so "scheduled" and live life as it comes. It will be hard but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...even if I have to schedule around it! -Peace!